SysElegance Thinstation Professional SysElegance Thinstation Professional - downloadable through the network operating system thin client designed to work with Terminal Server Serverili SysElegance Application server remote Microsoft Desktops.

SysElegance Thinstation Professional allows the use of branded HP thin clients, Gigabyte, the other, to create a configuration based on integrated platforms from Intel, AMD, Nvidia and to Via, or used for conversion into thin clients existing fleet of obsolete equipment.

The distribution includes a network boot service and a downloadable image of the operating system.

The system has abundant opportunities for network of local peripheral devices such as usb-drives, printers, cash registers and fiscal registrars, COM and LPT ports.

Built-in support for network boot eliminates the need to use the hard disk or other storage device, which increases the reliability of the device and makes it easier to administer.

Integrated in the diskless station service system allow the use of one of the thin clients on the network, equipped with USB Flash disk or DOM as a node network boot all other thin clients.