Как создать сайт вашей мечты

For example, the director or manager of a presentation to a potential client that the company is for, what, what are the products and services, is helping the company, so that the client has decided to purchase.

How does this presentation in most businesses?

What «… Our company is based in a certain year, we are the most advanced, most syakie most such, then it is written, what our good products …»

That is, the company says about itself, « what we are cool guys », but about the customer is not a word, or very little information


Here are a few tips that must contain your   a website that before your meeting with a potential client to sell him your product or service.

1. What should be on the first page of the site?

This page is important dating, where should be the following information:
a) What problems do you decide
b) For whom do you decide these problems, that is, who your customers are... For example: Our clients are small businesses that operate in the field of tourism …
c) What are the results you give
d) Why are you doing (This item can be omitted, but if you have a primary mission, why you are doing what you are doing, — it is necessary to write)


This information should be on the home page to inform the client with you and give a general picture of who you are and why you need it.

2. Your website should contain the typical problems that you decide.

Here are a few options on how you can start:
a) The main problems which we help our clients solve …
b) the main problems that our product helps solve our customers …
c) Positive qualities or emotions, which gives our product to our customers…

And describes in detail what problems you solve: « If you have any problems with clients, we help solve this problem once and for all…»

If, for example, a psychologist, sell their services and individual work with the client, we can write that « If you have problems in the family or with my husband, I (or we) help to solve these problems».

3. It is necessary to specify when, at some point in time, or life, or under what circumstances you are helping to solve these problems. 

Here it is necessary to describe a situation where the customer of your services relevant.

For example, you sell plastic windows. Here's what you can write:
a) to our customers turn when they moved into an apartment or house, and there are old windows and they understand that such views can not be winter because freeze and will spend the extra energy for heating because the heat will fly in the gap, so for them it is important to change the window to the new.
b) we also solves the problem of the insertion of new windows in the construction of a new home.
c) If you have snapped or broken glass, and here we are helping to solve this problem by replacing the new, more durable glass can to avoid such problems in the future. and so on.

Be sure to use these guidelines or contact our specialists for qualified help.