"Google ", as professionals?
Very often, we try to find the Internet is very useful information for us, and constantly stumble on advertising sites. How to ask a question to Google?
1. Exclusion from Google search
To exclude from the search results for a particular word, phrase, symbol or the like, it is enough to put a sign "- ”. (Minus), and it does not appear in the search results
For example, I typed in the search box the following the phrase "free hosting – ru” and in the search results are no .ru site, in addition to paid advertisements.

2. Search for synonyms
Use the symbol "~” to search for similar words to the selected instance as a result of expression." ~The best films -Best "you will see all the links to the pages that contain synonyms of the word" best ”, but none of them will not contain the word.

3. Inconclusive search
In case you have not decided on a specific keyword to search for, will help the operator "*”.
For example, the phrase" the best editor * Images” Editors will choose the best for all types of images, whether digital, raster, vector, etc.

4. Search options to choose from
Using the operator "|”, can be done a Google search for several combinations of phrases, changing a few words in different places
For example, we introduce the phrase." Buy Case | pen” It will give us a page containing a "buy cover”, or" buy a pen”

5. Meaning of the word
To learn the meaning of a word, simply enter a search string "define:” after the colon and the search phrase.

6. Exact match
To find an exact match search results to the query rather conclude keywords in quotes.

7. Search for a specific site
To search for keywords only for a single site, it is enough to add to the desired phrase syntax – "site:”.

8. Trackbacks
To find the location of the reference to the site of interest, simply enter the following syntax: "links: & rdquo; and then the address of the site of interest

9. Currency converter
The Google search engine. is also able to convert the value of the user's request
for example, we need to know how much is 1 kg in pounds Gaining the following query:.. "1 kg in pounds ”

10. converter
to find out the exchange rate at the official rate, we collect the following search query: "1 [currency] in [currency]”

11. Time in the city
If you want to know what time a city, then use this syntax: "time” or a Russian analogue of" time "and the name of the city.

12. Google калькулятор
Google is able to consider online! It is enough to drive a sample into the search bar and it will give the result.

13. Search by file type
If you need to find something on a specific type of file, then Google is the operator "filetype:” that searches for a given file extension.

14. Search cached page
Google has its own server, where it stores cached pages. If you need such, use the operator: "cached:”

15. Weather forecast for the city
Another Google's search operator is an operator is enough to weather. drive "weather” and the town, as you will see, will you rain or not

16. Translate
You can translate words directly, without departing from the search engine. For the translation meets the following syntax: "translate [word] into [language]”