SysElegance Thinstation Enterprise SysElegance Thinstation Enterprise - OS loaded on the network to create a non-performing jobs with extended functionality based on modern integrated platforms from Intel, AMD, Nvidia and Via.

The distribution includes a service network boot, bootable operating system and a set of additional software packages.

It provides the system administrator provided with all the components necessary for operation of employees of the modern enterprise - terminal clients to work with SysElegance Application Server or Terminal Microsoft server browser with support for the Flash, clients IP-telephony, authentication using smart cards, transmission port network USB, COM, LPT, transfer printers and scanners, and more. All is ready for use immediately after installation - you just turn on the desired function in the configuration file.

Due to the desktop system can work with published applications from multiple terminal servers simultaneously, and run local applications.

Employment user programs, such as web browsing, Flash, Skype, VoIP softphone, c using redundant computing resources of modern integrated platforms diskless workstation, significantly reduces the load on the terminal server. Introduction of Internet applications outside the terminal server, and is beneficial to the security of the entire enterprise information infrastructure.

Built-in support for network boot eliminates the need to use the hard disk or other storage device, which increases the reliability of the device and makes it easier to administer.

Integrated in the diskless station service system allow the use of one of the thin clients on the network, equipped with USB Flash disk or DOM as a node network boot all other thin clients.

To ensure the fastest possible deployment of terminals in places where there is no ethernet network, the system allows you to boot up and connect to the terminal server via a wireless Wi-Fi network *.

  • * to download over the wireless network Wi-Fi 802.11 is required USB Flash disk or DOM