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☎BAYHELPER☎ — it services to communicate with website visitors.

Thanks BAYHELPER you can in a short time to build a dialogue with visitors system that can at times improve sales conversion and customer satisfaction. 


  • Online consultant

Online assistance BAYHELPER allows you to communicate with your prospects and customers in the chat, according to their needs and objectives, increasing the level of trust in the company. The operator can not only advise on sales, but also provide technical support and to communicate with existing clients. In addition, both the visitor and the operator may do several things simultaneously while communicating in chat that leads to the highest efficiency of their work.

  • Active sales

Active sales are based on the intelligent system of involving visitors in a dialogue that takes into account the huge number of parameters of each visitor such as search terms, location, viewed product in order to offer the customer a dialogue at the right time, in the interest was his theme. This approach allows several times to increase the conversion, the amount of average check, and the level of trust. 

  • Generator of leads

A feature that allows visitors to engage, when the operator is not in place, and handle leads are (incoming questions), when it is convenient. 

  • Ooperator panel

Appendix Operator panel — a program that is installed on the management computer. It is here that operators communicate with site visitors. Operator console contains dozens of features and solutions for effective communication: one operator in a quiet mode can chat with multiple visitors simultaneously. 

  • Personal Area

My Account — this is the control center of your BAYHELPER system, which provides the most extensive customization capabilities, control and management. Here you can add new sites, manage accounts operators to customize active sales scenarios, engage in dialogue and the generator leads, view the most detailed statistics, manage your account and receive documents, view updates, customize the design and installation of the system to change, to get qualified support. 

BAYHELPER — the perfect tool to increase sales on the site, reduce customer service costs, increasing the amount of average check, reducing the number of abandoned baskets and increase customer loyalty.

  • The increase in sales volume and the amount of average check

BAYHELPER converts 20% more visits into sales. Visitors who chat, buy 3 times more often, and spend an average of 35% more. 

  • Reduced customer service costs

Using BAYHELPER reduces the cost of customer service by 25%, as one operator chat can communicate simultaneously with multiple visitors. 

  • Increase customer satisfaction

Customers who chatted on 85 & ndash; 90% more satisfied with the service, than the clients who have made a purchase on their own. 

  • Reducing the number of abandoned baskets

Most visitors will get help at the right time, and thus successfully completed the process of buying the first time. 

  • Improving aid effectiveness

Number of problems solved during the first call to chat, 75% more than in the case of e-mail or other communication methods. 

  • Improving the effectiveness of advertising and marketing efforts

BAYHELPER allows you to get more customers without additional costs for advertising and marketing. Your sales simply work more efficiently. 


Иван Васильевич, 05.09.2019
Лучший чат для сайта что я видел. Особенно понравилось, что он подключается к месенджеру Telegram, и я могу отвечать посетителям сайта прямо со смартфона, находясь в любой точке Мира. А еще можно обучить бота, который сам будет отвечать, по запрограммированному алгоритму